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Storm surge wall

answer choices. The wall reduces the powerful wave action before the water hits the land. The wall prevents the water from entering the land. The wall diverts the direction of the wave back to the sea. The wall allows PAGASA to measure the height of the storm surge before it enters the land. Question 10. 30 seconds.

Hurricane Ian's massive wind gusts, storm surge and flooding have wiped out 911 emergency call centers and trapped people in their homes, officials said Wednesday. The storm forced the rerouting. A row of houses stands in floodwaters at Grassy Sound in North Wildwood, N.J., as Hurricane Sandy pounds the East Coast Monday Oct. 29, 2012. The powerful storm made the westward lurch and took dead aim at New Jersey and Delaware on Monday, washing away part of the Atlantic City boardwalk, putting the presidential campaign on hold and threatening to.

Hurricane Ian slammed into southwest Florida on Wednesday with 150 mph winds, pushing a wall of storm surge that turned streets into rivers. Ian's strength at landfall was Category 4, tying it.

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What causes a storm surge quizlet? It is an offshore rise of water created by high winds pushing on the ocean’s surface piling up the water higher than the ordinary level.. What is storm surge in simple words? Storm surge is an abnormal rise of water generated by a storm over and above the predicted astronomical tide.. • It’s the change in the water level. that is due to the.

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